Placement Blog Entry


I was assigned for physics prob and two other students were helping me go through it. we start the project with teaching our self about prob, how can we use it, for what lab it can be useful. we basically barrow the prob from the teacher and tried to do a lab our-self so we know what is going on. after working with all prob we realized that there is one prob that is more useful and there are more lab for it. so we put most of our tension on working on that, and even after talking to teacher, he was looking for that prob more than others. LUCKY.  we are making a power point and putting every information needed for teacher and students to get the prob to work and start a lab.

Did you enjoy the experience? Why or why not?

Fabulous, working with new people that are now my friends and getting a chance to learn about new technologies that can be useful for my future. we have been working on this assignment for weeks now, I am not a big fan of physics but I think physics can be fun after all. we have been figuring out how we can use the probs and how this props can be helpful for the teacher to make his teaching more effective. Along this way, we had fun too. we made jokes, argued,  and the most important thing we learned together.                                                               

What difficulties did you have with your placement?

We did not have major difficulties, the only difficulty we had was to find a time to present the props to our placement teacher. someday he was busy and he could not do it the other day one us had some work to do, so we are behind schedule. other than this everything went as we planned.

Do you consider your placement a success?

we still did not get to the presentation part so I do not know what exactly is going to happen, but I think we are going to do good. we have been working hard on this assignment and we are more than ready.

Do you think the project is useful/has value for IDC students/teachers/students of placement teachers?

The project that we are doing is about the props that can be used to explain part of the physics. After we explained everything to our placement teacher, he can just use that information that we gave him and the prop itself to explain his lesson more effectively to his students.  he can even make the students to use these props, by finding the lab and preparing students to use the prob and find what he asked for. this can make students pay more attention.students like to experiment and talking itself is boring for them. this can be good for the student and the teacher, students because now they can learn better and have fun at the same time, and teacher because he can teach them faster and does not need to explain something over and over.

How could the project be improved for future IDC classes?

The project was fine, i do not think that you can do much to make it improve. the only problem was just finding time for presentation and you can not help with that or maybe talking  to the placement teachers that if they can do it at specific time so every body can finish at same time and start another work. I think that some placement thinks a lot of times and maybe others not much, so those that are finished with there placement, they have to work on something else so they get mark on something that maybe they are not good at. all I am saying is that the marking is not going to be fair because the amount of work and the hardness of work is not going to be equal for every students.







Learning Strategies Reaction

How successful were you at implementing the strategy or technique? What helped or impeded your success?  

I  can say that I was very successful using retrieval practice.  I have never been better the night-before exam or test. I used to stress out and think about that how I am going to do all that in little time I have. And when I am stressed, I cannot finish the work the way I want it to. In another hand, I used to sleep late at night and wasting my time by playing video games, but now I go to sleep between 10 and 11, and I have more energy in the morning.

Practicing Retrieval is hard and there was situation that I was struggling and just wanted to give up. One thing that helped me and kept me on the track was that I had a plan  and was following it every day. And if I missed one day, I should have done something in next day to cover the hours I missed so I could stay on track. So the plan was that I was reviewing my notes and my book and trying to retrieve all  the important information on my own. this helped my retrieval practice a lot.

Did the strategy improve your learning or reduce your procrastination? What evidence do you have to support this claim?

Retrieval practice helped me a lot to reduce my procrastination. I do all the assignments as fast as I get them and do not leave them for the night before the deadline. I figured out quickly that starting early meant less per day which helped manage my study stress.

In another hand, my learning skills had a good improvement. my marks are like I wanted them to be and they are going to get better as time goes. And now I understand most of the concept by reading it once.  And even my long-term memory is increased. At first I used to study just by going over my notes more than once but when you use retrieval practice the information are more retrieval later and even it is easier to apply them in new situation.For evidence, I only have my marks that are good as I expected them to be.

Will you continue with the strategy?  Why or why not?

I try my best to stay on track and keep doing it. But the classes started to get harder and harder and staying on track and sometimes working as you planned is hard. I will try my best to continue with my strategy and do not procrastinate.

Retrieval, on the other hand, causes learning because it takes an effort to wear a path in the brain to retrieve that information.the main reason that I want to keep using retrieval strategy is that the more you use the retrieval practice, the more permanent your learning becomes. and I need that a lot to get to university with a high average.

Learning Strategy

1.Summarize your chosen strategy and explain why you picked it or explain your procrastination or multitasking problem and explain why you want to fix it.

Retrieval practice: is recreating something you learned in the past and thinking about it right now. it is kind of active learning that most of the students are not using it. retrieval can turn the information that you got in class into true understanding and knowledge. In conclusion, the information is stored in our mind and forgetting is less likely to occur.

I chose it because it is a good strategy to follow and in my opinion, it is more effective than other strategies. Recalling information without supporting materials helps us learn it much more effectively.

2. Explain how you will implement the strategy.

The day before, I am going to review the information that we got, so in the next day, I can understand how that information is related to my new lesson, and if there was an opportunity, I am going to ask others that how previous information might relate to the new lesson we got.  This can help me to make pathways in my mind to access the previous information.

3. What is your end goal? How will you know the strategy works for you?

I think the goal is that I can remember everything without looking at notes and book. like I said in the second question I can use those pathways to get to the information I want and in overall, this strategy is going to increase my marks if it goes right.

there are many ways that you can see if it is working or not but mainly my marks shows the result. If my marks were low before and now high, you can say that your strategy is working. in another hand, if my marks do not make you happy, that means that I am doing something wrong and I have to fix it. I am going to give my self, more time to do this if I am doing it right this time, I will be happy by the result if not, I have to change my strategy to study.

4. What are your critical moves?

one of my critical moves is to create a better mindset towards studying. The reason is, I do not like studying but I have to do it anyways to be successful at school. Another critical move for me is to show a lot more interest to school and lessons we get. and maybe make studying fun not something that I am forced to do, maybe in this way I enjoy it. another critical move, I have to stop playing video games for too long, I think this is kind of multitasking but whatever this is, it is not good. This happened for my last math quiz so I was working on math questions and after like thirty minutes, I was like uh this easy and I start playing a video game, and i almost failed my quize.  i think another critical move is going to be planing for studying and playing video games so i can study and enjoy my time.

5. How will you shrink the change?

I will try to shrink the changes by first studying for 2 hours a day and by the end of each 3 weeks, I add 1 hour to my study time. now for making the interest towards school it’s 90 % me and 10% teachers but I will try to listen to class, I will try to understand the value of the learning and how is this going to help me in future. for my multitasking problem the only thing I can do is to plan something like I study for 4 hours and I have 30 minutes to rest but if I do it more than that I have to do something, for instance,  tomorrow I am not going to have the resting time or something like this.

6. How will you tweak the environment?

While I am studying I will put everything that counts as a distraction in other room like my cell phone, my laptop (if I do not need it for work) but if I need any of these I am not allowed to do anything except doing my work with them. no listening to music when I am doing work I think because I know most of the songs and I started singing with them and it is a big distraction.




Technology and 21st Century Learning

1.Do you feel school is preparing you adequately for your future. Why or why not?

I do not feel that school is adequately preparing me for future because school teaches you the lessons that are in book or explains the concept but they do not tell you what is point of learning lessons and understanding concepts. They go over new stuff and then test you to see if you learned it or not and most of students just read a day before test or exam to just pass it and then forget about it in next day. I think they have to put more interests to teach you about the use of this lessons and how do they  affect humans life.

2.How do you personally use technology to learn?

I sometimes use the technology to just go over the lessons that i did not understand at school and search for random site that help me with lessons and concepts and even more stuff about school or my future university . sometimes I use it for spelling check finding vocabulary for my essay so i can learn more complex words.

3. Do classes that use more technology appeal to you? Is it easier for you to learn the content?

I think technology is going to help your understanding for good because you can see the lessons with more details . Teachers use videos to show more than concept of the lesson maybe they can show you what is the use of this lesson for your future and how can you be effective by applying to others. In other hand using technology can distract you from other classes that do not have the opportunity to use technology.

4.Does it matter to you if a teacher uses technology in class? Why or why not?

I think it is teacher choice to use technology or not and if a teacher think that he/she does not need tech to be effective over class, it is her/ his choice and you have to respect that. but in my opinion if teachers use technology they are going to make more sense  and even students like these kind of teacher more than others, so do I . 🙂

5.What technology would you like to see teachers use that is not currently being used?  Why did you choose that technology?

participate in Web Quests: Web quests encourage students to find and process information in contexts, adding an interesting spin to the research process. Mainly the put students in role of detective and they have to solve specific case, they have to collect information by going over a few websites and random research. By the end of it, you are going to be surprise by how much  research you did.