Blog Post #7

  • Briefly summarize the content of this talk.

Kelly McGonigal has been helping people that are suffering from stress and telling them that stress is something dangerous, but has now changed her tune. When your pressure goes up, your heart gets faster, you breathe faster and you sweat. mainly, we see this as signs that you are not feeling OK, but people can also learn that your body is ready to act. By pumping up more blood and breathing more, you are ready for something difficult and ready for any challenge that comes to you.

  • Why did you choose this talk?

I chose this talk because I am a stressful person. usually, I stress out when I am trying to do my presentations or when I am trying to do my tests. so I thought with my self that maybe this talk can make me see my stress as a friend, as something that will back me up in difficult situations. when you listen to her talking about stress as something healthy and helpful, you can not believe it, but when she comes up with shreds of evidence and proves her statement, in your head you say wow. furthermore, I think this talk is going to be a big help in farther tests and assignments.

  • What did you agree with in this talk?  Why? / What did you disagree with in this talk? Why?

As you listen to her talking and going through every piece of evidence that she got to prove her statement, you can say that everything she says is reasonable due to the evidence that she shares. in another hand, I do not agree with her when she sees this for all people, that everybody can use their stress and something helpful. In conclusion, most of her statements were believable but she did not tell about the way that you have to teach yourself and that how long you need to practice to get control over your stress.

  • What questions do you have after this talk?

what are the steps that you have to take first, so you can use your stress as a helpful thing?

Is it possible for every stressed person to do this Technic and use her stress in a good way?

How long does it take to master this Technic (meaning to get to control your stress)?

Can this have negative effects in long term even though we are using it as good thing?


  • Would you recommend this talk to a friend? Why or why not?

Personally, I thought it was great talk and her points about stress and its effects were believable. well, I will recommend this talk to my friends and others in any age. Maybe some of my friends have same problem with stress as i do and their stress results them to fail, do something wrong, and maybe in worst situation cause them physical problems. furthermore, this talk can give them ideas of what is stress and how does it effect them mentally and physically, and how they can use their stress to be successful.




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