Learning Strategy

1.Summarize your chosen strategy and explain why you picked it or explain your procrastination or multitasking problem and explain why you want to fix it.

Retrieval practice: is recreating something you learned in the past and thinking about it right now. it is kind of active learning that most of the students are not using it. retrieval can turn the information that you got in class into true understanding and knowledge. In conclusion, the information is stored in our mind and forgetting is less likely to occur.

I chose it because it is a good strategy to follow and in my opinion, it is more effective than other strategies. Recalling information without supporting materials helps us learn it much more effectively.

2. Explain how you will implement the strategy.

The day before, I am going to review the information that we got, so in the next day, I can understand how that information is related to my new lesson, and if there was an opportunity, I am going to ask others that how previous information might relate to the new lesson we got.  This can help me to make pathways in my mind to access the previous information.

3. What is your end goal? How will you know the strategy works for you?

I think the goal is that I can remember everything without looking at notes and book. like I said in the second question I can use those pathways to get to the information I want and in overall, this strategy is going to increase my marks if it goes right.

there are many ways that you can see if it is working or not but mainly my marks shows the result. If my marks were low before and now high, you can say that your strategy is working. in another hand, if my marks do not make you happy, that means that I am doing something wrong and I have to fix it. I am going to give my self, more time to do this if I am doing it right this time, I will be happy by the result if not, I have to change my strategy to study.

4. What are your critical moves?

one of my critical moves is to create a better mindset towards studying. The reason is, I do not like studying but I have to do it anyways to be successful at school. Another critical move for me is to show a lot more interest to school and lessons we get. and maybe make studying fun not something that I am forced to do, maybe in this way I enjoy it. another critical move, I have to stop playing video games for too long, I think this is kind of multitasking but whatever this is, it is not good. This happened for my last math quiz so I was working on math questions and after like thirty minutes, I was like uh this easy and I start playing a video game, and i almost failed my quize.  i think another critical move is going to be planing for studying and playing video games so i can study and enjoy my time.

5. How will you shrink the change?

I will try to shrink the changes by first studying for 2 hours a day and by the end of each 3 weeks, I add 1 hour to my study time. now for making the interest towards school it’s 90 % me and 10% teachers but I will try to listen to class, I will try to understand the value of the learning and how is this going to help me in future. for my multitasking problem the only thing I can do is to plan something like I study for 4 hours and I have 30 minutes to rest but if I do it more than that I have to do something, for instance,  tomorrow I am not going to have the resting time or something like this.

6. How will you tweak the environment?

While I am studying I will put everything that counts as a distraction in other room like my cell phone, my laptop (if I do not need it for work) but if I need any of these I am not allowed to do anything except doing my work with them. no listening to music when I am doing work I think because I know most of the songs and I started singing with them and it is a big distraction.





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