Learning Strategies Reaction

How successful were you at implementing the strategy or technique? What helped or impeded your success?  

I  can say that I was very successful using retrieval practice.  I have never been better the night-before exam or test. I used to stress out and think about that how I am going to do all that in little time I have. And when I am stressed, I cannot finish the work the way I want it to. In another hand, I used to sleep late at night and wasting my time by playing video games, but now I go to sleep between 10 and 11, and I have more energy in the morning.

Practicing Retrieval is hard and there was situation that I was struggling and just wanted to give up. One thing that helped me and kept me on the track was that I had a plan  and was following it every day. And if I missed one day, I should have done something in next day to cover the hours I missed so I could stay on track. So the plan was that I was reviewing my notes and my book and trying to retrieve all  the important information on my own. this helped my retrieval practice a lot.

Did the strategy improve your learning or reduce your procrastination? What evidence do you have to support this claim?

Retrieval practice helped me a lot to reduce my procrastination. I do all the assignments as fast as I get them and do not leave them for the night before the deadline. I figured out quickly that starting early meant less per day which helped manage my study stress.

In another hand, my learning skills had a good improvement. my marks are like I wanted them to be and they are going to get better as time goes. And now I understand most of the concept by reading it once.  And even my long-term memory is increased. At first I used to study just by going over my notes more than once but when you use retrieval practice the information are more retrieval later and even it is easier to apply them in new situation.For evidence, I only have my marks that are good as I expected them to be.

Will you continue with the strategy?  Why or why not?

I try my best to stay on track and keep doing it. But the classes started to get harder and harder and staying on track and sometimes working as you planned is hard. I will try my best to continue with my strategy and do not procrastinate.

Retrieval, on the other hand, causes learning because it takes an effort to wear a path in the brain to retrieve that information.the main reason that I want to keep using retrieval strategy is that the more you use the retrieval practice, the more permanent your learning becomes. and I need that a lot to get to university with a high average.


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