Future of Technology

  • What technologies are depicted in the show?

Geoengineering also called climate engineering, is a set of appearing technologies that could help to control the effects of climate change. In “Geostorm” movie, scientists discovery is a powerful satellite-based technology that allows the users (The scientist and others that work in there) to control the weather. Meaning that they could potentially offset some of the consequences of climate change. For example, They can stop rain in a country and make it sunny, or on the other hand, they can make weather snowy in places that they have never experienced snow or places that snow is a miracle.

  • Briefly, how have the technologies changed people/business/society/government choices and behaviors?

This technology helps societies to be safe from unexpected impacts of climate change. As a result of this protection, some business, like airlines, insurance companies would have a safer job with more benefits. All these effect governments budget and plans for future. Meaning that choices and behaviors of people and their society have been changed for good.

  • Overall, are the technologies portrayed in a positive, negative or neutral fashion? What evidence do you have to support this?

Overall, in the movie, this tech has the more negative effect than positive because terrorist takes control of it and try to make war. But if we just look at the new technology and put the all the terrorist incidents away, in my opinion, this tech saved more lives and businesses. as evidence when the movie starts you can see the events that happened through all those years until they invited this tech. moreover, you can see that now, they can stop any impact of climate change easily and make it in a way that benefits people. so we can say that this tech portrayed in positive fashion for people and governments.

  • Would you want to live in this future? Why or why not?

I am not completely sure because as we know terrorist took control of tech and start to hurt people. so there is a possibility of it happening again. But if we put all those terrorist things away and just think about the tech itself, we can say it is good future to live in. Think about it this way, you do not need to worry about sailing to a place because there could be a storm. All around the world people are suffering from the negative impacts of climate change, so being part of a future that negative impact of climate change is no longer a problem to people and governments would be nice.


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