Self-Directed Project ( Summary)

  • What your project is about

Web design: is process of creating web. It covers several different aspects, including webpage layout, content production, and graphic design.  Meaning that I will start learning about how can I design a website.  My goal is to design legitimate website that actually people visit it as a good source.

  • Why you chose it

I chose to do web designing because from the start, when i got my first technology that i could use media on it, i was wondering how they do it. In those times making a website and designing it was not easy and had long procedure.  Now, you do not need to all that work to have the best functional website, there are sites out there that makes the website for you and you just need to put the information in it. so , I had opportunity to see how they do it by doing it myself.

  • What you learned/did – tell me the story of your learning, what was easy/challenging/expected/unexpected, etc.

Back then, when I was 5-7 years old designing website was not easy and you had to go over a lot of steps. Now, you still have to go over a lot of steps, but there are tools that help you to do everything faster. I used to make my own website and design it. The thing about the Wix is that it recommends you a per made website with the theme you want and the only thing you have to do is to put your information in it. but then i found that there is option that you can just open blank page and go through the process of making and designing website. meaning the animation, what i want to be in it, background, and so on. I can not say it was challenging but it was not easy either. in some points i was lost and i had to watch video of how you can do something or how you  make the contact us section work. Actually the hardest part of designing a website was finding good backgrounds that you could see the texts, because there was slight problem with the texts colors but I solved somehow. I was expecting to finish the whole thing in winter break but my timing was not right and some how i ended up not doing it every day. As result, I do not have prefect website, with prefect design but the it functions with no problem.

Link to my Website:


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