ICT Issues

Based on the materials presented in class and your own background knowledge and experiences, do you think social media has overall had a more positive or negative impact on the world?

This is the most popular question today. Well, there are always two sides to everything. It depends on your point of view how to understand it. As it happens to social media, most people admire it as a revolutionary invention, and some seem to have it as a negative impact on society.

Social networks began as a place to communicate with your friends in an easy and easy way. Social Media has given us opportunities to connect with people and aim for better relationships with friends. moreover, with social media, we are able to share our thoughts and ideas on different topics with a large number of users and find groups and people that agree with your statements. In fact, Social networks have become an important part of our life. we do not even realize this but as soon as we open our laptop we go to our favorite social network just to see the updates received. Companies have also recognized the value of social networks too, they are using different techniques to advertise their products. More companies are moving towards social networking due to the huge number of users on the net.

On the other hand, Many studies have shown that the comprehensive use of social media can actually cause addiction to the users, slowly destroy their daily life. moreover, Fake news has recently reached the mainstream with the 2016 US elections. This misinformation is hard to verify and most people fall for them and result are not acceptable for most us. Also, Personal safety has never been as important as today due to the Big Data and Facebook publicity and algorithm. for instance, an online intruder may be able to learn a lot of information about an individual that you may have not wanted to share and your other personal information.

To summarise, we can see positive and negative points of social media but none of this points explain that social media is good or a bad thing. But in my opinion, the social media has the more negative impact on people and society than positive impacts. therefore, by using social media as less as possible you can save your information and have better future.


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