Technology and 21st Century Learning

1.Do you feel school is preparing you adequately for your future. Why or why not?

I do not feel that school is adequately preparing me for future because school teaches you the lessons that are in book or explains the concept but they do not tell you what is point of learning lessons and understanding concepts. They go over new stuff and then test you to see if you learned it or not and most of students just read a day before test or exam to just pass it and then forget about it in next day. I think they have to put more interests to teach you about the use of this lessons and how do they  affect humans life.

2.How do you personally use technology to learn?

I sometimes use the technology to just go over the lessons that i did not understand at school and search for random site that help me with lessons and concepts and even more stuff about school or my future university . sometimes I use it for spelling check finding vocabulary for my essay so i can learn more complex words.

3. Do classes that use more technology appeal to you? Is it easier for you to learn the content?

I think technology is going to help your understanding for good because you can see the lessons with more details . Teachers use videos to show more than concept of the lesson maybe they can show you what is the use of this lesson for your future and how can you be effective by applying to others. In other hand using technology can distract you from other classes that do not have the opportunity to use technology.

4.Does it matter to you if a teacher uses technology in class? Why or why not?

I think it is teacher choice to use technology or not and if a teacher think that he/she does not need tech to be effective over class, it is her/ his choice and you have to respect that. but in my opinion if teachers use technology they are going to make more sense  and even students like these kind of teacher more than others, so do I . 🙂

5.What technology would you like to see teachers use that is not currently being used?  Why did you choose that technology?

participate in Web Quests: Web quests encourage students to find and process information in contexts, adding an interesting spin to the research process. Mainly the put students in role of detective and they have to solve specific case, they have to collect information by going over a few websites and random research. By the end of it, you are going to be surprise by how much  research you did.